The « French » touch!

If trademarks could represent a country’s identity, they would in France. From a foreign perspective, there’s no denying the products are popular, even if such popularity is traditionally associated with specific sectors like culture, luxury goods, cosmetics or the food industry.

 This “Image d’Épinal” isn’t fairytale; it’s based on solid experience. France has an abundance of culinary traditions and refined craftsmanship, which it’s anxious to preserve. Its luxury goods industry relies on both the craftsman’s skills and the riches of the land, which is surprisingly diversified for such a small country.

 Fascinating lands

Over just under 250 000 sq miles, it’s possible to encounter Europe’s highest summit and largest estuary, very different climates, big mountain ranges, vast lakes and plains…with each region adapting the riches and restrictions of its natural environment to develop its own, unique identity : from the wheat fields in Beauce to the vineyards on the Gironde hillsides and from « little Siberia » in the Jura through to the maritime pine forests in the Landes. Explaining such a remarkable diversity in the gourmet products on offer, whose quality and authenticity are still in high demand by the French themselves.

But France’s image isn’t built solely on the incredible wealth of its cheese industry. The quality of French products is widely recognized in many domains. Such as the aeronautical industry (Airbus, Arianespace), the automobile industry (Renault, PSA), the chemical industry (petrochemicals, pharmacy), electrical equipment, the food industry with France also excelling in research and development.

 High Quality

Even France’s reputation of being a country with complex, sometimes oppressive, rules and regulations has its good points: foreign customers recognize that such formalities are a guarantee on all the strict, security controls, which ensure that French products comply with the highest levels in quality. A detail highly regarded for products in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries.

 The plant extracts proposed by DRT richly express the combination between the wealth of the land. and the craftsmanship of those who work it. Industries around the globe who incorporate them in their preparations, food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products, know they can count on the constant, certified high quality of the components, rich in active ingredients.

Health, elegance, gastronomy, beauty products … at the end of the day, it’s the lifestyle « à la French » which attracts tourists and foreign investors. A way of life which, in the eyes of the world, reconciles having fun with looking after yourself.

Creating a formula with a natural active ingredients from the Purextract®, Oligopin®, Cosmythic® or Vitaflavan® range expresses the wish that the regions from which they come should transcend the frontiers and offer a real commercial advantage. To achieve this, the MadeInFrance logo, specially designed by a graphic artist from the Landes, is available to guarantee the quality of the services of the Purextract® range from DRT. It may be displayed on all finished products containing Purextract® active ingredients (see conditions of use).

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