Maintain your balance!

Oligopin®, Vitaflavan® and Phytopin® help the body to achieve homeostasis.

In biology, homeostasis is defined by the capacity of an organism to maintain a beneficial, or optimal, value of certain biochemical parameters (glycaemia, temperature, etc…).

Initially defined by Claude Bernard in the 19th century, the term comes from the Greek homoios (similar) and stasis (stability).

Homeostasis requires the existence of a regulatory system, generally endogenous, but which may also involve exogenous factors (in particular different nutrients). Many essential nutrients (vitamins, trace elements) are involved in this process, but plant extracts can also play a fundamental role in maintaining this state of equilibrium, which is vital for good health.

The various stress factors, particularly oxidative stress, contribute to disturbing homeostasis. Fortunately, certain natural molecules, and in particular OPCs extracted from maritime pine bark (Oligopin®) and grape seeds (Vitaflavan®) can greatly help a stressed organism to regain its balance.

In various clinical studies, Oligopin® has shown a very wide range of beneficial biological effects, including a marked antioxidant effect: Oligopin® helps protect a number of major biological targets (LDL, proteins, DNA) from the dreaded effects of oxidative stress.

Maintenance of an effective antioxidant status (via the activation of endogenous defence systems), regulation of blood pressure, normalisation of cholesterol (through a massive decrease in oxidised LDL and an increase in HDL cholesterol), reduction of age-related degeneration phenomena (sarcopenia, cognitive functions, osteopenia), improvement of immunity via an increase in endogenous glutathione, without forgetting the major effects on the essential components (collagen, elastin) of the extra cellular matrix (improvement of skin firmness, reduction of wrinkles, regulation of hyperpigmentation); such is the broad spectrum of the effects of Oligopin®, which has been demonstrated by clinical studies conducted according to the most rigorous protocols, and which gives full meaning to the concept of homeostasis

In parallel, the improvement in venous function achieved with Vitaflavan® allows people suffering from mild venous insufficiency to regain a normal quality of life.

Finally, Phytopin® helps regulate LDL cholesterol levels and provides an effective and natural response to the treatment of benign prostate adenoma.

Health is a question of balance: the ingredients in the Purextract® range offer beneficial biological effects. They provide concrete and scientifically proven answers to the vast subject of homeostasis.


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