More people die from CVDs than any other disease in the world.

High cholesterol and High Blood pressure increase the chances of having a stroke or developping heart disease. Therefore, preventing it from occuring is in the TOP3 health concerns.

Fatty deposits on the inner walls of the vessels can be prevented. Risk factors are known : tobacco use, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity, diabetes and hypertension. Most often, drugs are prescribed (like atorvastatins).

But, if there is a way  instead of Pharma drugs with their own side effects, would it be prefered ? Let’s revisit this option!

The HIE this year will be the opportunity to present the last clinical study on OLIGOPIN®, published this month in PHYTOmedicine.

Effect of low molecular weight procyanidins rich in extract from French maritime pine bark (OLIGOPIN®) on cardiovascular disease risk factors in stage-1 hypertensive subjects. Innovative randomized, double-blind, crossover, placebo-controlled intervention trial by Dr Yannick Piriou, PhD

The Purextract® team will attend the Health Ingredients Exhibition in Frankfurt next 29th and 30th November  (Booth # J2).

Nathalie Luzecki-Michaud