Because a healthcare professional’s perspective on the evaluation of the benefit of our ingredients is essential, we work closely with doctors and researchers from renowned universities. Our ambition is to broaden their range of natural solutions to maintain the well-being and quality of life of their patients.




Responding to concerns about well-being: this is the mission of our scientific and R&D teams.

In collaboration with health professionals, they measure and improve the benefits of our plant extracts.


It is based on traceability and respect for quality processes, from the sourcing of raw materials to the issuing of certificates of analysis and the certification of our activities. Transparency prevails at every stage.


  • Collaboration with the medical profession
  • Evaluation of mechanisms of action
  • Clinical study supervised by a specialist in phlebology

  • Consumer / patient-based approach
  • 90-minute face-to-face interview to better understand the impact on quality of daily life for patients with venous discomfort
  • Collection of experiences during the Vitaflavan® treatment
  • Assessment of quality-of-life improvement with Vitaflavan®

  • Improved homeostatic balance through the antioxidant power of Vitaflavan®


  • Clinical study – Lightening and anti-ageing effect of a pine bark extract
    (Pinus Pinaster) ingredient for dietary supplements
    DOI 10.1007/s13749-014-0036-z – Nutrafoods (2014)

  • Consumer study, Dermscan 2014
    Following supplementation with Cosmythic® (100mg per day for 56 days) 84% of women surveyed said their skin looked younger, while 94% felt their skin’s appearance had improved.


Understanding the mechanisms of action behind the beneficial effects on the body by collaborating with leading academic teams.

Latest published research on cognitive health:

  • Improvement of attention by 18.5%
  • Decrease of inattention by 20%

Study published in Phytotherapy Research
Complementary effects of pine bark extract supplementation on inattention, impulsivity, and antioxidative status in children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder: A double-blinded randomized placebo-controlled cross-over study. Phytotherapy Research. 2021;1–10.

Studies published in International Journal of clinical Nutrition and dietetics

Hsu CD, Hsieh LH, Chen YL, Lin IC, Chen YR, et al. (2020) Effects of Pine Bark Extract on Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Adults: A Randomized Double-blind Crossover Study. Int J Clin Nutr Diet 6: 152.

Chen YR, Su YJ, Piriou Y, Yang SC (2017) Effects of Polyphenolic Extract from Pine Bark on the Improvement of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity
Disorder in Children and Adolescent . Int J Clin Nutr Diet 3: 116.

  • Improved homeostasis thanks to the antioxidant power of Oligopin®
  • 29% reduction in peroxidised lipids
  • 9.5% increase in endogenous Glutathione

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Une étude multicentrique, vs placebo, en double aveugle pour le traitement de l ’hyperplasie bénigne de la prostate par une supplémentation en béta-sitosterol K.F. KLIPPEL, D.M. HILTL and B.SCHIPP, pour le groupe d’étude BPH-Phyto
British Journal of Urology (1997) 80, 427-432 Etude Randomisée, vs placebo, en doule-aveugle sur l’effet du beta-sitosterol chez les paients souffrant d’adénome bénin de la prostate
INIST CNRS Vol 345 June 17 1995

Cardiovascular protection
Cholesterol management according to the articles 13,1 & 14
Ref EFSA Journal 2010;8 (10) : 1813 & EFSA Journal ( 2009 ) 1175,1-9

Prostate health
After 6 months of treatment both studies lead to statistically improvement of efficacy :

  • the effect on QOL and Qmax appears better in Klippel study
  • half of total effect is achieved after 1 month of treatment (Klippel) ; Klippel study showed slightly more rapid changes initially than did that by Berges
  • as both daily dosages (60 and 130mg) are efficient, higher dosage lead to better results, achieved after a shorter time
  • according to the shape of the curve, we can expect further improvement after 6 months : the treatment should be continued on a long period (1 year and more)

  • Improved quality of life for patients through a natural and effective response to prostate discomfort
  • Regulation of LDL cholesterol levels


Study – Bioalternatives mechanism of action (Bioalternatives, October 2015)

  • Evaluation on reconstructed human epidermis (RHE)
  • Effect on PMA-induced (Phorbol Myristate Acetate) IL-8 (Interleukin) release by RHE
  • Evaluation on efficiency vs Glyceryl trioleate

Study – Evaluation of the soothing effect on the skin (based on the reduction of skin redness) after UVA and UVB exposure of a cosmetic ingredient at two concentrations Phytopin® 0,5% and Phytopin® 1%.
Complife, September 2017


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