New Cholesterol Markers: An innovative approach to the dietary supplement market

Indeed, no clear correlation has ever been demonstrated between LDL levels and the incidence of cardiovascular disease. Is this really surprising since LDL cholesterol is essential for the body to function properly?

Current research in this area leads to the consideration of two markers that are more appropriate for risk assessment. The potential danger comes from LDLs when they are oxidized. It therefore seems more appropriate to follow this marker both alone, and in relation to HDL (HDL/oxidized LDL), rather than the traditional HDL and LDL combination.

In a clinical study published by PHYTOMEDICINE, OLIGOPIN® showed significant results in the improvement of these two key markers of cardiovascular disease prevention.
After only 5 weeks of supplements with the 100% natural ingredient, we can see:
– A 29% decrease in the level of Oxidized LDL
– A 14% increase in HDL cholesterol
– As a result, a 43% improvement in the HDL/oxidized LDL ratio

OLIGOPIN® is a pine bark extract titrated in OPC ( >67%). It meets all quality and food safety requirements in accordance with the various laws in force worldwide.
OLIGOPIN® can be formulated in tablets or capsules. It can also be used in liquid forms (drinks, rehydration powder) thanks to its highly water-soluble grade. OLIGOPIN® is a registered trademark of DRT.

Yannick Piriou

Nathalie Luzecki-Michaud

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