PLANT EXTRACTION: The Art and Science

There are many different types of polyphenols (over 500), however not all polyphenols have the same physico chemical properties.

DRT has been very interested in one particular sub-family of polyphenols since the early 70’s, that being the Procyanidolic Oligomers, whose benefits in the human body are remarkable.

Shortly after the 2nd world war, thanks to DRT’s pioneering experience in plant extraction they saw the possibility to titrate an extract high in beta-sitosterol from pine (Phytopin®). DRT developed innovative technology at its Vielle-Saint-Girons manufacturing facility. This facility was set-up to track and isolate OPC’s from the plant kingdom. This technology requires having a highly sophisticated industrial knowledge and information at your disposal.

CRYSTALpure® technology is a unique plant extraction process. It consists of four successive phases. At each phase, procyanidins of high molecular weight (tannins) are removed, while keeping the lower molecular procyanidins that have higher bio availbility and include concentrated (dimers, trimers, tetramers & Pentamers).

Many ingredients contain polyphenols and are referred to as Proanthocyanidins. It is important to note that there are varying degrees of Proanthocyanidins many with high molecular weight, making them less bioavailable. This is not the case with OPC products from DRT/Purextract®. DRT offers low molecular weight thanks to the CrystalPure® process making  products much more bioavailable than any of the competiton. 

The Crystalpure® technology guarantee’s a minimum of low molecular weight OPC’s

OLIGOPIN® – Pine bark extractpinus pinaster – 67%

VITAFLAVAN® – Grape seed extract  vitis vinifera – 75%

Nathalie Michaud Luzecki