Liam’s story

On this occasion, we have decided to share Alice C.’s testimony with you, following the launch of a product designed for children, formulated with OLIGOPIN®, by one of our partners.

Purextract© team: Hello Alice! Thank you for taking the time to speak to us.
A.C: You’re welcome! I am doing this because I am thinking of other parents, who are in the same situation as we were a little less than a year ago.

Purextract© team: What do you mean?
A.C: Liam is 11 years old.

Purextract© team: Is he your son?
A.C: Yes. As soon as he was able to walk, he showed a passion for climbing. My husband was very proud. A real little guy! He would run, climb and jump from morning to night. Untiring, but not unbreakable! He fell many times. We had to make him wear a bicycle helmet almost permanently because we were afraid that he would suffer a head injury. You can imagine what our family and neighbours must have thought …

Purextract© team: Did it get better as he grew up?
A.C: Not really. The problems really began when he started school. He didn’t listen to the teacher. When the other children were drawing pictures, he was unable to hold a pencil for more than 15 seconds. My husband and I used to take turns seeing the teachers every month.
Purextract© team: What was their reaction?

A.C: At best, they asked us to give Liam some medication to « calm him down ». At worst, they looked at us in the way you’d look at bad parents. We were at a point where we didn’t know how to help Liam focus. The evenings with homework were a real nightmare. He was doing poorly in school. I felt guilty, and convinced myself that yes, I was a bad mother!

Purextract© team: I assume you consulted a child psychiatrist?
A.C: Of course! Everything changed when Liam became aggressive with his classmates. The school principal called us in because some parents had complained.

Purextract© team: It must have been confusion between aggressiveness and impulsivity, right?
A.C: When you are in this situation, you no longer think about what is behind the words. You only want one thing: to find a way to become normal parents again, with a normal child. So, my husband and I agreed to give Liam some medicine. With heavy hearts, we convinced ourselves that it was for his own good.

Purextract© team: Were they side effects?
A.C: Yes. The paediatrician had warned us: Insomnia, then headaches and stomach pains. At 10 years old, Liam looked like a zombie. I don’t wish that experience on anyone.

Purextract© team: How did you get out of this dramatic situation?
A.C: Thanks to my husband! During one of his trips to Australia, he came across an ad in a magazine. It was about a natural product, made in France and formulated by an Australian food supplement manufacturer. There were the results of a clinical study on the active ingredient OLIGOPIN®, with improved concentration and decreased impulsiveness. It happened very quickly after that. He brought back two boxes. The price was very affordable, and Liam started treatment last October. It was good timing because we had, in any case, decided not to give him medecine anymore

Purextract© team: What happened next?
A.C: It took a little longer than expected, but after a little over a month, we started to see the first effects.

Purextract© team: What do you mean?
A.C: I’d say he seemed interested in what he was doing. In particular, doing homework became less « complicated », and he could sit next to me, for a little while at least. It doesn’t sound like much, but I assure you it was a real change.

Purextract© team: What about at school?
A.C: My husband and I were « summoned » once again!

Purextract© team: ?
A.C: The teacher informed us that she noticed less « eccentric speeches » and less « out of place » responses. As a result, his little classmates rejected him less. That was a big step towards getting him out of his social isolation.

Purextract© team: Do you think you have found the solution to his concentration problem?
A.C: I don’t know. Liam is of course still being monitored by a child psychiatrist in whom we have every confidence. And a priori, this active molecule from France is doing him good without hurting him. I haven’t noticed any side effects and the product is affordable. I hope that other parents will read my testimony and will be able to integrate this product into the arsenal of methods used to help their children.
Purextract© team: Thank you for taking the time in sharing your experience with us today!

OLIGOPIN® is an extract of Landes pine bark titrated in OPC. It has been shown to be effective in the treatment of children suffering from Inattention, Impulsivity and hyperactivity (International Journal of clinical nutrition and dietetics 2017, 3: 116). OLIGOPIN® is available in its standard grade for capsule formulation and also in a highly water-soluble form for drinks or in rehydratable powder form.
The cost of the ingredient for one month of treatment is less than $1.5 (USD).
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