Phytopin Derm’expert

At the heart of the Landes forest, Purextract markets active ingredients known for their purity in over 50 countries around the world. For over 40 years, Purextract has produced pine phytosterols. Specially designed to fit into the composition of topical formulations, the purity and quality of Phytopin Derm'expert are widely recognized..

Phytopin Derm'expert is a natural extract derived from the Pinus Pinaster whose purity and unvarying quality are well known (sterol rate> 99%).

Its physicochemical properties make it a sought after ingredient for cosmetic formulations:

  • As an emulsifying agent through the action of its amphiphilic molecules.
  • As an active emollient, a soothing anti-inflammatory ingredient.


Phytopin Derm'expert, a pine phytosterol, is a white powder extracted from pine trunks with the following characteristics:

Composition (%) (GPC)

  • Sterols total contents: > 99
  • Beta sitosterol: 70-80
  • Sitostanol : 10-15
  • Campesterol : 6-10
  • Campestanol : 1-2
  • Other sterols: 1-3

Biological activity



Phytopin Derm'expert can be used in different cosmetic formulations, including cold creams, moisturizers, soothing creams, night creams, shampoos, milks, after sun lotions...

INCI : beta-sitosterol

CAS No: 83-46-5
EINECS No: 201-480-6