Vitaflavan Pur’expert

Vitaflavan Pur’expert is a polyphenol extracted from the seeds of white grapes. Known for its purity and chemical characteristics, Vitaflavan Pur’expert is high in short oligomers of catechin and epicatechin, a molecule described for several decades by researchers at the University of Bordeaux as a guarantor of the beneficial activity of the OPC and high bioavailability.

Vitaflavan Pur’expert is used for its antioxidant and vascular protection properties and may be used in food supplements or functional foods.


Vitaflavan Pur’expert is a fine powder extracted from the seeds of white grapes grown in southwestern France offering the following characteristics:

  • Total polyphenols > 96 % (GPC)
  • OPC > 75 % (GPC)

Composition (%) (GPC)

  • Monomers: < 25
  • Dimers + trimers: > 30

Intestinal absorption and thus, the biological activity of oligomers, depends on their molecular weight: the higher the molecular weight the less the procyanidins are absorbed.

Vitaflavan Pur’expert’s optimal composition of low molecular weight procyanidins guarantees the bioavailability and efficacy of the extract.

Biological activity

Cardiovascular protection
Stimulation of blood circulation


Vitaflavan Pur’expert is a water- and alcohol-soluble ochre colored powder. It can be used in:

  • Food supplements (soft capsules, tablets, soft-gels)
  • Functional foods (beverages, cereal bars, mashed fruit sauces)

Vitaflavan Pur’expert recommended daily dosage:  60 to 120 mg per day.

Labeling guidelines

  • White grape seed Extract
  • OPC of grape seed
  • OPC
  • Oligomeric procyanidins
  • Vitis vinifera seed extract

For information purposes, the ORAC value of Vitaflavan® is approximately 19000 µmol TE/g, which corresponds to 1170/2340 ORAC units/day for the daily dose recommended of Vitaflavan Pur’expert

CAS No: 85594-37-2
EINECS No: 287-896-9