Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children and adolescents (ADHD)

The effectiveness of Oligopin®, as demonstrated by the Department of Psychiatry, of the TAIPEI Faculty of MedicineLearn +

Plant Chemistry VS Prescriptions drugs : you may be surprised!

Diet supplementation for 5 weeks with OLIGOPIN® improves*: • Systolic blood pressure of 6,36mmHg (14,75mmHg for women)• «Good» HDL cholesterol level by 14,06%• Apo...Learn +

Phytopin®, the phytosterols from Purextract®

The phytosterols from Purextract® range are available under the trade name PHYTOPIN®, in 15 kg net packaging. PHYTOPIN® is easily formulated in food supplements or...Learn +

How Oligopin® helps improving the “good” cholesterol ( HDL)

Oligopin® latest clinical study will be presented in a conference at the Bangkok FIE on 10th September 2015. Dr Yannick Piriou, Phd will highlight the benefits of...Learn +