Commitment to Quality

Through rational and controlled sourcing and thanks to its expertise in extraction techniques, Purextract is committed to offering the best of nature.


Purextract is headquartered in the heart of the Landes forest, ideally located between the vineyards of Bordeaux and Spain. Purextract practices a rigorous selection of raw materials from local suppliers only.

Pine bark, grape seeds and olive leaves are the by-products of regional industries (food and wood industries etc.) and constitute a raw material of numerous applications and proven benefits.


Purextract’s expertise lies in the transformation of these raw materials through extraction and purification, unique processes which Purextract accomplishes to an industry-leading standard of purity (Oligopin Pur’expert guarantees a 70% OPC concentration).

The high concentration of active ingredients makes Purextract sterols and polyphenols the purest on the market. This purity directly affects the efficacy of the end result food supplements.