Inbio-T, beauty from the inside out

Inbio-T is a line of high performance products. Their benefits have been proven by studies on biological efficacy to enhance skin beauty and weight loss.


Cosmythic Inbio-T is a valued OPC (oligomeric proanthocyanidin) with antioxidant properties prized for their anti-aging effect. This active ingredient also has the power to regulate melanogenesis and its depigmenting action. It also helps improve the aspect of the skin by strengthening connective support tissues in this way contributing to the reduction of cellulite.
Vita-S is an active ingredient whose thermogenic action helps eliminate fluid retention and promote slimming.


Phytopin Inbio-T contains a molecule that regulates the activity of 5? reductase enzymes. Overactive 5? reductase enzymes are associated with androgenic alopecia. Phytopin Inbio-T is used to fight against hair loss in men and perimenopausal women.

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