Phytopin InBio-T

Phytopin Inbio-T is a pine phytosterol whose purity and unvarying quality are well known. Phytopin Inbio-T is used in food supplements recommended to fight against alopecia (hair loss).

Phytopin Inbio-T has been approved by the European Commission for use in functional foods and food supplements.


Phytopin Inbio-T, is a white powder extracted from pine trunks with the following characteristics:

Composition (%) (GPC)

  • Total sterols contents > 99
  • Beta sitosterol: 70-80
  • Sitostanol: 10-15
  • Campesterol : 6-10
  • Campestanol: 1-2
  • Other sterols: 1-3

Biological activity

Anti-hair loss (male, pre-menopausal female)


Phytopin Inbio-T is a non water-soluble white powder. It can be used in:

  • Food supplements (soft capsules, tablets, soft-gels)
  • Functional foods (margarines, dairy products, cereal bars)

Recommended daily dose: 80 to 120 mg of Phytopin Inbio-T per day.

Labeling guidelines

  • Phytopin
  • Pine Phytosterols
  • Phytosterol
  • Beta sitosterol
  • Vegetal sterols
  • Plant sterols

CAS No. 83-46-5
EINECS No. 201-480-6