OLIGOPIN® has shown to be effective on ADHD

Although there is no global consensus, the worldwide prevalence of ADHD is estimated between 5% and 7 % in children and adolescents.  Trouble incidence and severity may vary according to individuals but ADHD has serious consequences on family life, education and interpersonal relationships. If it is difficult to identify the causes and sources of this pathology, some researches suggest possible effects due to a biochemical imbalance.

close-up portrait of a very angry screaming boyIn collaboration with Purextract® R&D lab, the department of Psychiatry, Shuang Ho Hospital  of Taipei Medical University conducted a clinical study to assess the hypothesis according to which OLIGOPIN®, improves the symptoms of ADHD and reduces oxydative stress in children and adolescent.

After  a 4 weeks  treatment (25 mg Oligopin®/day, vs placebo), we observed:

A significant higher hit accuracy, inhibition, sustainability in CPT-II performance during the Oligopin® interventional period:

    • Improvement of the Inattention by 18,5%  with Oligopin®
    • Decrease of Impulsivity by 18% with Oligopin®
    • Decrease of Lipid peroxydation during the period by 15%

All results are statistically significant (p<0,05)

The results have been published in The International Journal of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics under the title :  Effect of Polyiphenolic Extract from Pine Bark on the improvement of Attention Deficit/hyperactivity Disorder in children and Adolescent: https://www.graphyonline.com/journal/journal_article_inpress.php?journalid=IJCND

Oligopin®, pine bark extract from Les Landes (pinus pinaster), when highly purified, contains  a minimum of 67% OPC. It is produced in France according to a unique and sophisticated water extraction process.

Nathalie Michaud- Luzecki & Yannick Piriou

contact: info@purextract.fr