Avoiding raw material wastage with biorefineries

This is why we do our best to keep our source of inspiration pure and pristine.

We believe in responsible development, so we designed every single step of the production process with wastage prevention in mind. Nothing of what we take from nature goes to waste.

The by-products of related industries are the cornerstone of the Purextract edifice. Our  grape seed extracts (Vitaflavan®) come from the wine industry and pinewood is retrieved from sawmills near our production site in the heart of the Landes forest. Not one little bit of pines goes to waste: we get phytosterols (Phytopin®) from the trunks and OPC polyphenols (Oligopin®, Cosmythic®) from the bark. The perfume and resin industries use the rest of the trees.

Exploiting resources sustainably starts with the choice of suppliers. Our partners share our values and meet our extremely strict criteria. Their commitment to sustainable resources management is beyond question. Some of them, for example, have thrown their weight behind pine reforestation programmes. Harvesting our raw materials near our processing sites helps us prevent wastage and preserve active ingredients. This is one of the secrets behind the superb quality of our extracts.

Cherishing the treasures of nature also means mitigating our ecological footprint. Should you make a stopover in Vieille-Saint-Girons towards 2015, you’re most welcome to come and check out our biomass boiler.This is where we’ll burn our by-products in keeping with the biorefinery concept. Biomass will be reborn as a source of energy, guaranteeing the energy independence of our site!