Oligopin Pur’expert

Oligopin Pur’expert is an extract of maritime pine bark. As an active ingredient in the class of polyphenols, it is used for its various beneficial properties including prevention of cardiovascular disease and alleviating masculine urinary discomfort as well as for vasotonic stimulation.

Purextract produces and markets Oligopin Pur’expert. Due to the guaranteed high concentration of low mass molecular procyanidins, it is the most purified pine bark extract on the market.

Oligopin Pur’expert is used in food supplements and functional foods.


Oligopin Pur’expert is a red brown powder extracted from the bark of the Maritime Pine (pinus pinaster). It offers the following characteristics:

  • Total polyphenols per unit of volume: >96% (GPC)
  • OPC> 67% (GPC)

Composition (%) (GPC)

  • Monomers and phenolic acids: <30
  • Dimers: >15
  • Other oligomers: >50

Intestinal absorption and thus the biological activity of procyanidins depend on their molecular weight: those of higher molecular weight are unabsorbed.

The optimal composition of Oligopin Pur’expert provides a high concentration of low molecular weight oligomers and guarantees the bioavailability and efficacy of the extract.

Biological activity

Cardiovascular prevention: protection of LDL against oxidation, strong affinity for glycoproteins
Male wellness (erectile dysfunction)
Improved microcirculation


Oligopin Pur’expert is a red brown powder which is soluble in water and in alcohol. It can be used in:

  • Food supplements (soft capsules, tablets, soft-gels)
  • Functional foods (beverages, cereal bars, mashed fruit sauces)

Recommended daily dose of Oligopin Pur’expert: between 40 and 100 mg per day

Labeling Guidelines

  • Oligopin
  • Maritime pine bark extract
  • OPC of Maritime pine bark
  • OPC
  • Oligomeric procyanidins
  • pinus pinaster extract

For information, the ORAC value of Oligopin is approximately 15,000 µmol TE/g, which corresponds with 580/1500 ORAC units/day for the daily recommended dose of Oligopin Pur’expert