Gorged with the wellbeing of the Bordeaux vineyards, VitaS offers the beauty market all the benefits of a highly purified grape seed extract. Thanks to the expertise of Purextract, VitaS combines a high concentration of OPC at a competitive price. VitaS is particularly recommended for its slimming properties.

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VitaS is a brown powder extracted from the white grape seed.

Composition (%) (GPC)

  • Total polyphenols > 96 % (GPC)
  • OPC > 60 % (GPC)

Composition (%) (GPC)

  • Monomers: 25-40

Biological activity

Weightloss: Thermogenesis action which favors elimination
Sun protection


VitaS can be used in:

  • Food supplements (soft capsules, tablets, soft-gels)
  • Functional foods (beverages, cereal bars, mashed fruit sauces)

Recommended daily dose: 60 to 150 mg daily

Labeling guidelines

  • White grape seed extract
  • OPC of grape seed
  • OPC
  • Oligomeric procyanidins
  • Vitis vinifera seed extract

CAS No: 85594-37-2
EINECS No: 287-896-9