Purextract produces and markets an extract of olive leaves, prized for its many benefits. Effialine is a natural active ingredient with a high oleuropein content.

Mainly used for its cardiovascular prevention properties, Effialine may also be used as a food supplement and in preparing functional foods.

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Effialine is an ochre colored powder with the following characteristics:

Composition (%) (HPLC)

  • Oleuropein > 50%

Biological activity

Cardiovascular prevention: protection of LDL against oxidation, maintaining blood pressure (traditional prescription)


Effialine may be used:

  • In food supplements (soft capsules, tablets, soft-gels)
  • In preparing functional foods (beverages, cereal bars, mashed fruit sauces)

Recommended daily dose of Effialine: 10 mg per day.

Labeling guidelines

  • Effialine
  • Olive Leaf Extract

CAS No: available on request